Posted by: mattklassen | January 22, 2010

Developing a Social Conscience

With the many scandals of the past decade involving big business, particularly the stories of sizeable financial bonuses paid to executives of companies that were recipients of government bailouts, it is easy to become sceptical of the motivations of business people in North America.

The top 1% of the population continue to get rich while the middle class struggles to support the status quo and the poor fall farther into poverty. With so much despair and bitterness surrounding the economic scene, it has become clear that businesses need to develop a social conscience: the controversial idea that companies are obligated to serve more than themselves and should exist for other reasons than simply increasing their bottom line.

This sort of economic altruism should not be mistaken for nationalism, for the world today exists as a larger and connected global community. This doesn’t take a sense of patriotic vigour, but instead requires awareness of how business can impact a community and, as a result, the broader world. One doesn’t need to be a superhero to understand that the world can actually (yes, really!) be impacted positively through the actions of a business with a developed social conscience.

Customer Relations

The process of developing a social conscience begins with customer relations. It is important to realize that customers are human beings and not merely numbers in the accounts ledger. While many sales people have mastered the pitch, a fraudulent façade meant to make the customer feel appreciated, authenticity remains the only responsible course of action when interacting with clients. Treating people with dignity and respect will grow a business in ways no pitch ever could.

Honesty is Everything

There was a commercial on TV recently that outlined the standards and practices of the TV station and its affiliates. The tagline stated “Be honest…it’s good for business.” The implication was, of course, dishonesty would soon prove detrimental to the success of a business. Honesty, in other words, creates income.

Does that sort of honesty truly reflect a developed social conscience? We believe true honesty in business reflects more than simply enhanced profits. True honesty in business reflects the truth always – even in difficult situations. It means meeting needs before meeting bottom lines. It means treating customers as they deserve to be treated, even if that means going out of the way to do so. It means transparency.

This sort of honesty creates more than simply profits, of course. It creates respect.

Getting Involved

With a developed social conscience, the desire to get involved in the community comes naturally. Some companies unfortunately only utilize their standings in communities to advertise and develop a better “reputation.” To truly develop a social conscience, businesses must give back to the communities that have blessed them so greatly. This can be done through charity involvement, volunteer work or simple food drives.

Every action taken expresses genuine interest in the community, fostering a deep sense of satisfaction among employees and making communities better places to live for everyone.

Here at North West Freelance Services, we strive to take these lessons seriously. We are committed to getting to know our customers and to consistently enacting a policy of openness and honesty with our business practices.

North West Freelance Services is dedicated to getting involved in our global community, a resolution we were recently able to put to the test.

It is important to note that the Canadian federal government has promised to match all charitable donations Canadians make to support the many Haitians in crisis. Please give to the Canadian Red Cross, World Vision or other registered charities at work in Haiti.

Posted by: Jordan Richardson | January 21, 2010

Sticking It to the Big Banks

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about how times are tough and how you need to make sure that you get value for your money. We’ve talked about our freelance services and how our work can help contribute to your success in business. We’ll continue talking about that sort of thing, too, because we know how important it is for your to get value for your money.

Today, however, it’s time to stick it to the big banks.

If you’re a small business owner or independent contractor, you know all about the big banks and how they’ve stuck it to you lately. You know that banks and creditors have laid it on pretty thick throughout this fiscal crisis and you know all about the sudden interest rate hikes and the vile overdraft fees. You know about reduced credit limits and you know about universal default.

As a small business owner, you’ve had the banks and creditors rummaging around your pockets for some time now. They might as well be fishing for coins in your couch, right?

With your back against the wall and with little options, we here at North West Freelance Services think it’s time to stick it to the big banks. We think it’s time to change how business is done. We think it’s time capitalism went back to what it was meant to be. We think good, honest, hard-working people should get paid fair wages for quality work and that the banks and creditors should go…well, you get the idea.

Fighting against the big banks can seem like an epic confrontation, but with a few of the right moves and a little consumer confidence we think you’ll be able to really stick it to ’em in a big way.

One of the first things you can do is pull your cash out of your bank. Withdraw your money, all of it, from those banks that told us they were “too big to fail.” It’s time to shrink them down a little bit and to humble them at the sight of what really matters, isn’t it? Pull your money out.

In the United Kingdom, people are pulling out millions of dollars from their savings accounts because the interest rates are terrible. In the United States, the Big Four banks are paying for it too. That means Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America are seeing people wanting their money out quickly. If more people start pulling their money out of the Big Four and start putting it in banks that don’t rip them off, the banks will get the message.

A good option is to start checking out online banks or “direct banks.” Places like ING Direct are great places to cut down on high rates and ramp up on good customer services and account accessibility. A report from Tower Group recently stated that “the amount of money deposited in direct banks will double by 2012.”

Look, it’s no secret that the financial sector is in a state of chaos. People are losing confidence in the integrity of the fiscal system and in what the big banks are doing for them and their money. It’s time for a change in the way we do business. It’s time to bring things back to a more honest, direct, confident approach.

Here at North West Freelance Services we believe in the honest, direct, confident approach. That’s why you won’t find lowball rates and shoddy work. Instead, you’ll get value for your hard-earned money. Our team is dedicated to you around the clock to give you the information and communication you need to cover all the angles of your proposal. No interest rates, no hidden fees, no terrible rates, and no poor customer service.

Check us out today and stick it to business as usual. Stick it to big banks, golden parachutes, obscene bonuses, and corporate jets. Take your power back today!

Posted by: mattklassen | January 19, 2010

Going on the Offensive: Growing Business in a Struggling Economy

Times are tough, there’s no getting around it. The economy is struggling to regain its footing; people are still spending conservatively and businesses are suffering.

How do you get your business noticed in times like these? The answer: stop playing defence.

To survive, and even prosper, in these trying times, you have to go on the offensive. You need to focus on building your business just as much as you do on cutting costs. Those that stand still are taking the biggest risks. If you stay static, your customers will become disinterested, your product will stagnate and your competitors will poach your profits and clip your momentum.

So what’s the best offensive strategy to help you navigate towards success? Here are three tips to help you grow your business and achieve success:

  • (Re)Build Your Brand

You might already have established a niche in the business market, but its time to review how you present your brand to the world: start a business blog, post keyword-rich articles, buy non-traditional advertising space, anything to get your name back out there.

The more traffic that search engines, advertising and even word-of-mouth directs towards your website the more chance you have of turning visitors into customers. Beyond this, the benefits of creating a Facebook page for your business and growing your brand through other social networking sites such as Twitter are growing exponentially. People are turning to these sites more and more, as efficient and effective means of gaining information are quickly becoming staples of the advertising plans for many businesses.

While the first part of the solution is getting potential customers to your site, the second part is keeping them there.

  • Ramp Up Your Online Presence

People are beginning to see your presence on the Internet, but now what?

In order to achieve success, it’s imperative that youhave a clear and concise web page that will serve as an anchor point for your potential customers to get information and become connected to your business. You should never underestimate the benefits of professional web design and well-written content.

Many people want to make their websites flashy, but most first-time visitors are primarily seeking information. But what kind of information does your client want?

  • Learn Your Customer’s Language

In order to get customers to your website and stay there, it is vitally important to know how your customers think. If you understand the interests of your potential customers, the language they use and the tools they use to gain information, you’ll have a greater chance to attract them for the long-term. This certainly doesn’t mean converting your website into a slew of online abbreviations (although it wouldn’t hurt to know what “LOL” means), but you do have to fashion a way to help visitors get what they want quickly and easily. The more information they can glean from reading a single paragraph, the better it is for your business. Time is money.  If you don’t clearly communicate what your product or solution is on your homepage, how do you expect the visitor to find what they are looking for?

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

It takes a lot of work to optimize your business for success in today’s market or to become web-savvy enough to communicate effectively with your potential clients. Here at North West Freelance Services, we are dedicated to providing you with professional, marketable web content. We write articles that your customers will want to read and we use the most efficient and valuable techniques in the world to make you look good and make your business look even better.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you and your business succeed in 2010 with quality web content produced with efficiency and care.

Posted by: Jordan Richardson | January 16, 2010

Why Hire a Freelancer?

As a business owner, nobody understands the power of money and time like you do. In today’s tough economic times, however, that sense of understanding just isn’t always enough to succeed.

The fact of the matter is business is changing rapidly and it is changing on a global level. Keeping your firm up to date with the latest changes is a tough call to make, as things are changing so rapidly that today’s technology was already out of date yesterday and tomorrow’s technology is already obsolete.

So how do you, as a business owner online, handle the pressure? How do you keep up with the changing tide of business in a modern world?

Hiring a freelancer to take on some of those complex, time-consuming tasks is a great place to start. Imagine the time and money you can save as a business owner if you hire a freelancer to handle all of your web content, social networking updates and information management.

Along with being a tremendous time-saver, hiring a freelancer can help you connect with your customers in ways that you otherwise may not have thought of. Hiring a freelance writer is an excellent way to produce a sizable amount of professional, relevant content that you could have otherwise struggled through yourself.

A good freelancer understands your business and the simple notion of change.

While you may find yourself with the best and most reliable product on the market, those winds of change continue to blow. Hiring a freelancer is like reinforcing your property, as it will allow you to weather the storm of public relations and advertising without so much as a scratch.

Hiring a good freelancer can make all the difference in the world to your business.

Many have found that it is easy and convenient to work with a freelancer electronically, too, as the security and time-saving method of working online has made doing business a breeze.

So why hire a freelancer to help you enhance your business? Well, I think the only apt answer to such a question is another question: why not?

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you and your business succeed in 2010 with quality web content produced with efficiency and care.

Posted by: mattklassen | January 15, 2010

The Art of Communication

I recently received an inquiry about the business of freelance writing. It tersely read: “Why should I hire you? Anyone can write!”

As I stared at the words on my screen, my mind wandered back in time…

I stood in the world-famous Louvre, one of the greatest art museums in the world, let alone Paris. I gazed upon a particularly interesting piece, The Afternoon Siesta, by Vincent Van Gogh. It interested me not for any of the reasons you might imagine. I didn’t notice the brush strokes, I didn’t notice the colours, nor did I notice how Van Gogh captured that elusive moment of farmer’s resting against a haystack. Instead, I was interested because I couldn’t believe people considered it art. The characters had been painted hastily, without detail and with what seemed to be huge gobs of paint. I was astounded that anyone, anywhere, would consider that a work of art.

“Anyone could paint like that,” I said aloud.

Well, couldn’t they?

What I failed to realize then is that, while anyone can dab paint over a canvas, it takes skill, training and precision to become an artist and to effectively communicate emotion, passion and meaning to the observer. Through what some might consider an inarticulate, imprecise piece of work, Van Gogh was able to communicate a simultaneous sense of haste and relaxation, which could only have happened as a result of years of incredible commitment, relentless enthusiasm and persistent devotion to his craft.

It is that kind of dedication and training to the craft of writing that we offer at North West Freelance Services. While anyone can scribble words on a page, carefully crafted entries, concise prose and professional-grade editing is what will hook your audience.

You want to connect with your clientele as quickly and easily as possible in a way that presents your business as both knowledgable and professional. Here at North West Freelance Services, we are dedicated and efficient artists of the written word able to offer your business with top-notch writing and editing services. Our style and content will help you consistently cut through the myriad of alternatives to present your business as the only clear choice for your clientele.

Please read our website for more information on how our team can help your team achieve all the success it deserves and keep watching this space for more tips on how to succeed in business in today’s changing world.

Posted by: Jordan Richardson | January 12, 2010

Business Success in a Changing World

You don’t need to be very perceptive to realize that the way we do business in today’s world is changing faster than Lady Gaga changes her look. Keeping up in a world that is constantly evolving can seem overwhelming at times, making the importance of a clear head and a succinct business plan absolutely crucial for any modicum of success in business.

Most businesses fail because they refuse to acknowledge the inevitable presence of constant change in today’s economy. Whether we like it or not, we are living in a world that is fast-paced. That means that the rules change frequently, making it necessary for today’s modern business owners to keep on their toes at all times. It is a 24/7 world.

Having business success in a changing world takes a whole new set of tools. No matter the size of your business, your success (or failure) depends on how quickly you adapt to the inevitable changes and how durable your business model is.

Your success also depends on having quality products and services to deliver to consumers, of course, making being “in the know” a vital component of succeeding in today’s world. If you refuse to get to know your evolving, changing customer, you might as well kiss any chance of success goodbye.

Success in business in a changing world depends on a few simple things:

  1. Perseverance
  2. Confidence
  3. Exposure

In order to really press forward with the product and/or service you believe in as a modern business owner, you need to persevere through the toughest of economic situations. Stick to your business plan and stick to your goals.

Having confidence is essential, too, as you have to believe in what you’re selling. And we mean that you really have to believe in it! No half-assed efforts, people.

Finally, you need to ensure that you and your business get seen and get seen often. Use social networking to develop buzz. Use every single angle of media you can to spread the word about how awesome your business is. If you don’t use every single angle at your disposal, somebody else will. And that somebody else will get your precious customers.

Here at North West Freelance Services we understand these three basic fundamentals for business success in a changing world. We know you want results and we know that you might not always have the time or resources to arrange for those results. That’s why we’re here.

Please peruse our website for more information on how our team can help your team achieve all the success it deserves and keep watching this space for more tips on how to succeed in business in today’s changing world.